Goal Zero Nomad 7 created to provide energy to your small devices, such as smartphones, mp3 players, or lights. You can charge any of Goal Zero battery packs, but it may take different amounts of time for charging, it depends on battery pack wattage. When you are in a camp place or in a forest, your smartphone battery is dead and there is no wall outlet near you, this product will let you survive. This unit puts out 7 watt of power. Even if there are clouds in the sky, Goal Zero Nomad 7 continues to charge without a problem. It’s a nice feeling you get when you are at a camp place and realize that you have a solar panel which will help you anytime. Ideal for small wattage power banks: Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus (3-6 hours), Goal Zero Switch (4-8 hours), Goal Zero Flip 10 Dock kit (2.5-5 hours), Venture 30 (8-16 hours). The weight is 460g. Goal Zero Nomad 7 is the most portable solar panel; The size is same as a medium dimension book. When you are in a camp place or in a forest, your smartphone’s battery is dead and there is no wall outlet near you, this product will be your only way out. This unit puts out 7W of power, and you can chain multiple Nomad units together to increase wattage output for added versatility. Even if there are clouds, the Nomad 7 continues to charge, albeit at a slower rate depending on how heavy the cloud cover is. It's a nice way to know that you don't have to worry about running out of juice when you need to make a call or check in. Nomad 7 is a lightweight option to keep your necessary devices charged. Along with its performance, you will be impressed with what can be accomplished with these portable sized solar panels. In direct sunlight, this particular model can charge android phone X as fast as if it was plugged into an electrical outlet. You will get a 20% charge every 20 minutes, meaning that it is capable of fully charging your phone Droid X in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Even though I have never done that, I assure you that it is certainly capable of doing that. Apparently, the performance will slow down in more cloudy days, but it will still be able to absorb at least a little bit of energy. I should also note that I have tried using the Nomad 7 behind a car window, but it did not work out pretty well, because as it seems, the car windscreen does something to the sun rays, which effects in decreasing the charging efficiency. Other than that, the Nomad 7 is highly recommended product due to its portability, performance and durability. You can be guaranteed that you will have your mobile devices powered up at all times, no matter where you are. This product is widely popular worldwide already, and has gained a lot of positive reviews on websites.
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  • 🌟Solar capacity 7W (8-9V)
  • 🌟Power Output: USB 1A (5W max)
  • 🌟Weight: ( 460g)
  • 🌟Cell type: Monocrystaline
  • 🌟Ideal for: Guide 10, Switch 8, Smartphone, GPS, Headlamp
  • 🌟Chainable: Yes
  • 🌟In the box: 1 x Nomad 7 Solar Panel, 1 x 12V Adapter


  • ✔ Goal Zero switch 8: 4-8 hours
  • ✔ Guide 10 plus: 3-6 hours
  • ✔ Flip 10: 2.5-5 hours.
  • ✔ SUNJACK Carabiners
  • ✔ Venture 30: 8-16