Goal Zero Nomad 100 is the name of the product which I want to introduce. The most powerful, yet portable solar panel on the market today from Goal Zero. Goal Zero Nomad 100 collects more sunlight and gives you more power solution than other solar panels in the same price tag. The massive energy power can charge your smartphones, tablets and even laptops. If you want to increase the charging speed, you can easily connect three or four Goal Zero Nomad 100 with MC-4 connector. The solar panel is also weather resistant, so you can use it in rainy days as well. It isn’t as small as the other products from Goal Zero, the weight is 10.2 lbs (4.6kg). The Goal Zero Nomad 100 is compatible with the Yeti 400 or Yeti 1250. You can charge the Yeti 400 in about 8 hours and the Yeti 1250 in under 24 hours. Nomad 100 is an apparent improvement of its predecessors, with its massive 100W power output and relatively larger size. It is capable of directly charging your small electronic devices at your campsite or even when attached on your backpack as you keep hiking. It is easily foldable so it takes very little space when storing or transporting it, and also comes with additional protection for the panels. It also comes with a built-in charging cable for optional Goal Zero Sherpa Power Packs and Yeti Solar Generators, all of which being compatible. The above mentioned MC-4 branch connector, you have an option to chain three or four Nomad 100 panels together for a significantly more power and to decrease charging times. When doing this, the voltage increases, but the amperage remains the same in order to cause less electrical friction and heat. We do not recommend plugging a chained Nomad 100s into either Sherpa or Yeti. This particular model does not hold a charge itself, but it does produce power only when being outdoors and angled at sunlight. You will need to make sure to connect it to a power pack in order to store power. As already mentioned, clouds and the angle of the panels can directly affect performance, but it will still absorb some energy as long as it is not at night, so you have to avoid using it indoors or in a shade. Nomad 100 is completely safe for exposure to rain or snow and is highly weather-resistant, but unfortunately it is not fully waterproof. You will definitely love using this product in terms of its durability, performance, design and uniqueness. You can easily check tons of positive reviews that this item got on websites.
$649.95 USD
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  • 🌟Solar Capacity: 100W (18-22 V)
  • 🌟Power Output: Solar Port/MC-4
  • 🌟Weight: 10.2 lbs (4.6 kg)
  • 🌟Cell Type: Monocrystalline
  • 🌟Ideal for: Tablets, Laptops, Digital camera Smartphone, headlamp
  • 🌟Chainable: Yes
  • 🌟In the box: 1 x Nomad 100 Solar Pane


  • ✔ Goal Zero Yeti 150: 3-6 hours
  • ✔ Goal Zero Yeti 400: 8-16 Hours
  • ✔ Goal Zero Yeti 1250: 24-48 Hours
  • ✔ Goal Zero Sherpa 100 3-6 hours